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Our Approach

Our Approach

We try to approach each job with an open mind in order to capture what your designers and production managers have in mind for the end product. We are here to manufacture your creative idea into a physical product. We have generations of printing experience and knowledge to bring to your next project.

Our Story

Our Story

We began in Richmond over 30 years ago catering to printers that needed computer help with prepress. After establishing our position as the top prepress performers in the bay area, we decided to expand our capabilities and have been building our knowledge and resource base in printing. With tons of equipment and a great team, we have enjoyed our years of service to the community.


Your job goes through prepress, print, and finshing/mailing in a seamless plan. Every project has a path that is managed by different departments and overseen by a CSR, communication between departments in crucial for a flawless product.  We understand your project needs to be done in a timely fashion and we have never missed a deadline.

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We have the most advanced equipment to go with the most knowledgeable team in the industry.



We have equipment that can handle quantities 1 to 1,000,000. Small or Large format. Our turnaround time is impeccable.

SA Finishing


Every job is custom. Our finishing equipment can handle your ideas and concepts for the final product. We want your customers to feel what you have in mind.


Please email us if you would like to talk over a project that your team is working on before it gets into production. We have lots of capabilities and helping consult on large projects makes for a smotther process.